Extra Curricular Activities

01. Tae Kwondo

Tae Kwondo improves child’s strength, balance and overall physical coordination. It also helps child’s mental development as they are suppose to memorise certain steps. It also boost up child’s self esteem and confidence.
At UNIKIDSITY International, we engage World Tae Kwondo Federation(WTF) so that our students can continue at their Primary Schools.

02. Ballet

Ballet is a very much disciplined art form and it strengthens and tones the body and most importantly, it gives the student a good posture over a long period of time of training. The ballet class offered at Unikidsity offers an opportunity for students to explore and experience basic skills of ballet such as Port de bras (position and movement of arms), plies (bend), sautes (jump), skips and etc. Students will not only enjoy dancing but will also have lots of fun using different kind of props to dance too. These basic skills provide a strong foundation for them to further continue to learn ballet either under Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) syllabus or Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) syllabus after they graduate.

03. Swimming

Specifically for 6 year olds, the skills they acquire through swimming promotes heart and lung health, improves strength and flexibility, increases stamina and even improves balance and posture.
At UNIKIDSITY International, we envision all our students to graduate with a swimming certificate when they leave UNIKIDSITY.

04. Horse Riding & Grooming

Horse riding is a fun recreational activity, but it offers many intrinsic benefits for children as well: from a physical development side, horse riding improves balance and motor coordination. Hand and eye coordination, core strength and muscular development too.

05. Drum Circle for Schools

What is a Drum Circle?
Drum Circle is a facilitated interactive rhythmic engagement activity which uses a variety of percussion instruments and drums to empower a group of participants to create beautiful and spontaneous rhythm.

Key Learning / Outcome
Participation in Drum Circle breaks the barrier, co-create and work with others, promote a sense of belonging to the community. The outcome is, everyone in the group comes together to an empowering therapeutic experience.

Drum Circle provides a safe platform and incorporated in Schools/Academia settings for an experiential activity that promotes:
Multicultural learning | Attention | Awareness | Creativity | Communication | Confidence | Listening Skills | Leadership | Cognitive Reflections.