(4 years old)

Our Comprehensive Package includes:

KSPK Curriculum: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Matematik (bilingual teaching) and Dunia Sains dan Teknologi (bilingual teaching).

International Curriculum: Language Art Skills, Phonics & Phonetics, Guided Reading Program, Music & Movement, Practical Life Skills, Creative Arts, Public Speaking & Drama, Sand & Water Play and UK Portfolio.

Extra Mural Curriculum: Mandarin (all), Fardu Ain & Tulisan Jawi (only for Muslims), Taekwondo (Recognised by WTF) and Ballet


Early Mathematics
count numbers
up to
Introduction of high-frequency-words (1st

01. Cognitive Skills

  • Introduction of early concepts such as basic shapes, colors, uppercase and lowercase of alphabets.
  • Introduction of letters and its associate sounds (phonetic teaching)
  • Establish children’s understanding on the concepts of print (e.g. analyzing a book by its title, illustration and author)

02. Early Mathematics

  • Teach children to recognize, write and count numbers up to 20.
  • Introduction of ordinal numbers (e.g. first, second, etc.)
  • Teach children to recognize numbers with its quantities.

03. Language Studies (Bahasa Malaysia & English)

  • Introduce uppercase and lowercase alphabets.
  • Teach children to distinguished separate sounds of each letters in a simple word (e.g. /b/ a/ t/ = bat)
  • Teach children on consonant and vowels sounds in Bahasa Malaysia (sukukata: ba, ca, da, fa, etc.)
  • Help to increase their vocabularies in both languages.
  • Introduction of high-frequency-words (1st 50 words)

04. Early Science

  • Introduction of animals and plants.
  • Teach children on weathers and the skills to identify weather daily.
  • Teach children to recognize basic landforms (e.g. mountains, ocean, river, etc.).

05. Physical Skills

  • Teach children to use scissors.
  • Introduce children to pre-writing skills which establish their pincer grip.
  • Actively involve children in an art and craft activities using manipulative materials.
  • Encourage children to participate in games which promotes their gross motor muscles (e.g. swimming, hopscotch, obstacle race, etc.)

06. Social and Emotional Skills

  • Encourage children to involve in cooperative play.
  • Expose children to experience conflicts and challenges in group play.
  • Guide children to recognize emotions and to resolve conflicts independently.