Play School
(2-3 Years Old)

Our Comprehensive Package includes:

Core areas: Language skills/ early numeral skills/physical development/ socio-emo development/eye-hand coordination/ music and arts/ character education/ Montessori skills (practical life skills and sensorial activities)/ free play (unstructured play)/ outdoor games/ sand & water play/ trampoline/ mini chef program

01. Language & Literacy

  • Introduction of Unikidsity Vocabulary Bank (children use one or two words to label objects).
  • Introduction of prints which helps a child to experience physical books.
    Story telling sessions where illustrations are being illustrated and instill reading behaviors like turning pages.
  • Activate children’s pincer grip by allowing children to explore writing with scribbles on papers.

02. Early Numerals

  • Introduction of pre-mathematical concepts (big, small, long, short, etc.)
  • Introduction of colors, sizes, shapes and positions.
  • Introduction of numbers 0-10 using attractive manipulatives.
  • Teach children to sort and classify objects using one attributes (based on specific colors)

03. Music and Arts

  • Introduction of varied materials (color pencils, crayons, paints, markers, etc.)
  • Introduction of different colors and surface textures for children’s sensory learnings.
  • Introduction of simple nursery rhymes.
  • Encourage movements to various tempos.
  • Encourage make believe with appropriate props.

04. Social and Emotional Development

  • Provide an environment to socialize with familiar adults and other children.
  • Teach children to share and care for others.
  • Teach children to manage their emotions and on how to get familiar adults help to solve problems.

05. Physical Development and Healthy Living

  • Introduction of games that develop children’s fine motor and large motor muscles.
  • Introduction of good nutritional practices.
  • Teach children to manage their own belongings.
  • Encourage children to maintain personal hygiene such as washing hands and blowing nose using tissue papers.

06. Character Education

  • Provide children with multiple opportunities and demonstrate character traits such as respect for others, cooperativeness, honesty, etc