(5 years old)

Our Comprehensive Package includes:

KSPK Curriculum: Bahasa Malaysia, English, Matematik (bilingual teaching) and Dunia Sains dan Teknologi (bilingual teaching).

International Curriculum: Language Art Skills, Phonics & Phonetics, Guided Reading Program, Music & Movement, Practical Life Skills, Creative Arts, Public Speaking & Drama, Sand & Water Play and UK Portfolio.

Extra Mural Curriculum: Mandarin (all), Fardu Ain & Tulisan Jawi (only for Muslims), Taekwondo (Recognised by WTF) and Ballet

01. Cognitive Skills

  • Guide children in producing their own shapes, colors and alphabet book.
  • Introduce children to rhyming words and discuss on words that sounds similar (e.g. bat, cat, mat, pat, etc.)
  • Guide children on how to answer question words (e.g. who, what, where, when, why and how)

02. Mathematics

  • Teach children to recognize, write and count numbers up to 50.
  • Teach children to read and write numbers up to 50 using numerals and number words.
  • Teach children to know number values up to 50.
  • Introduction of addition (without regrouping) and subtraction (without borrowing) using one-digits.

03. Language Studies (Bahasa Malaysia & English)

  • Encourage children to speak audibly and fluently with an increasing command in both the languages.
  • Teach children to read 2-4 lines of sentences by applying phonic knowledge and skills.
  • Increase children’s comprehension in both Bahasa Malaysia and English reading through discussion of word meanings and linking new meanings to their prior knowledge.
  • Introduce spelling of words which contains 3- 4 letters words.
  • Introduce children to early composition skills.
  • Introduction of high-frequency-words (1st 100 words)

04. Science & Technology

  • Introduction of human body parts and sensory organs.
  • Teach children to identify and name materials that objects are made from (plastic, wood, glass, metal, etc.)
  • Teach children to parts of computer and its functions (e.g. keyboard, mouse, monitor, speaker, computer processing unit -CPU).

05. Physical Skills

  • Expose children to whole group activities that requires the use of scissors.
  • Encourage children to use various types of manipulative materials (e.g. playdough, sand paper, etc.)
  • Get children to participate in structured sports and games where they can master basic movements (e.g. running, throwing and catching, etc.)

06. Social and Emotional Skills

  • Encourage children to involve in cooperative activities by introducing them into project woks (e.g. art and craft project & music and movement project)
  • Expose children to participate in interactive story-telling sessions.
  • Assist and guide children in using words in solve conflicts between peers