About Us

UNIKIDSITY® specialises in early childhood education programmes, providing kindergarten and daycare services for children aged 2 years up to 6 years old.

UNIKIDSITY® MAKES LEARNING FUN AND PART OF YOUR CHILD’S GROWTH. Play is a fundamental process by which children learn. Through play, children are developing, discovering, sharing, creating, constructing, communicating, solving problems, playing roles, internalizing and exploring meaning.

LEARNING BEGINS at UNIKIDSITY®. Learning in these young years is rapid, and experiences provided in the school should serve as an extension of the child’s life at home. At UNIKIDSITY®, we provide conducive and prepared environment for children to enhance their learning readiness. We believe that the foundation of literacy is laid in the early years of a child before they go to school. Education should be focused with balanced overall development of an individual’s mental, physical, emotional and social skills through learning experiences both in the school and the community. Hence, loads of events and activities are created and organized with the involvement of parents and even the community.

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Our Strength

We Have An Effective Planned Curriculum
We Have Ethical And Reliable Assessment
We Maintain a Safe & Healthy Environment
We Support Physical And Cognitive Competence

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