Montessori Kindergarten Learning Programme - Unikidsity, Ampang, Kuala Lumpur


The Learning Begins@UNIKIDSITY Programme




"The Learning Begins@UNIKIDSITY" Programme incorporates :

  • National New Pre-School Curriculum

    We follow the guidelines of the New Pre-School Curriculum of Malaysian Ministry of Education in terms of subjects that has been taught and the recommended time for each subject. The objective of our Pre-School Curriculum maintains as preparatory to Primary School.

  • Montessori Method of Learning

    In Unikidsity, we use Montessori Method of Learning in two ways: first, by allowing each child to experience. The excitement of learning by his / her own choice rather than being forced; and second, by helping him / her ability will be at a maximum in future learning situation. We ensure the extension of correct use of Montessori materials will be presented by a well trained teacher.

  • Developmental Appropriateness

    We pay vital attention to the specific developmental areas at various age levels from birth to six. This is to ensure that effective learning experiences and developmentally appropriate guidance are used in our early education centre. This measure can be reached by using our Comprehensive Developmental Assessment Programme, which determines a child's steady and healthy course of growth and development.

  • Comprehensive Developmental Assessment

    We conduct child assessment in order to:

    • Determine the developmental level of a child.
    • Identify the areas of strength and weakness
    • Plan a developmentally appropriate education.
    • Use the collection of assessment data for further support and referral.
    • Assessment will be conducted based on the child's learning readiness skill.

  • Language Arts Skills

    Unikidsity's learning centered curriculum stimulates and makes the learning of oral language, reading, writing, and spelling fun for both Bahasa Malaysia and English Languages. We understand that just as the milestones of physical growth can be measured. So too can the milestones of literacy development. Some children may able to grasp these skills quickly, some don't and others may more steadily from one milestone to another. We give the right sort of help at the right time to help each child develop to his / her full potential.

  • Theme Based Lessons

    We use thematic approach in teaching as it offers different ways to inspire the process of learning. Our teachers can use them to reinforce verbal skills with storytelling, introduce mathematical concepts like graphing, counting and grouping, foster creative thinking with visual games, and strengthen social skills with activities that explore emotions, expressions and interaction.



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