Parent's Testimonial



Chao Zheng's words:

  • I love my teachers and they love me too.
  • I play and learn with my friends, I like my friends.
  • I learn a lot in Unikidsity. I enjoy learning in U.
  • I miss my school.

Parents' words:

  • Principal Sharmila and teachers who have strong background in early childhood education and child development have best provided for our child what is needed to grow physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Their focus is always there--development of the child as a whole.
  • Our child Chao Zheng has expanded his love of learning, general knowledge, ability to get along with others, and interest in reaching out to the world.
  • Unikidsity has encouraged the growth of Chao Zheng's self-esteem, cultural identities, independence and individual strengths.
  • Chao Zheng has improved in his behaviour through the guidance and support given by the warm and caring teachers.
  • Chao Zheng is eager to learn and possess an innate curiosity in discovering knowledge at Unikidsity.
  • We always feel safe sending our child to U. Our child is happy and healthy.

Thank you Unikidsity for everything!

Teoh Chao Zheng's mother
Ms. Lim Siew Wen

"We have 2 kids at Unikidsity, Alisha (age 6 ) and Aqil (age 4). We can see that they love going to school everyday as when they wake up they can't think of anything else except for going to school. Unikidsity provides the environment where kids learn through play therefore the kids find going to school is fun. They are given the freedom to express themselves freely but in supervised manner, which is different than any other school where we find that kids are controlled and asked to be quiet during classroom time"

Alisha's and Aqil's mother
Azlin Maria Mokthar

I have noticed a significant improvement in my son after sending him to Unikidsity. My son is more confident and able to express himself well. He has improved his vocabulary and is able to converse clearly in English. I have noticed an improvement in his social and motor skills as well. I am very satisfied with his progress.

Adrian's mother
Dr. Marianne

It is a spot on. Maryam has metamorphosed from her own cocoon into independent, confident assertive, resourceful, responsible, helpful and creative young girl. She can also be selfish and stubborn at times but are not we all? She is more of a socialite now with good display of leadership, among her friends. This has much to do with the learning and playing concepts at Unikidsity. The concept of "learning while you are playing" and "playing (to a certain degree) while you are learning" during early education somehow has played a pivotal role in the construction of values such as self esteem, appreciation, kindness, tolerance, forgiving, cooperation and common courtesy. We have seen these values in her, although she is definitely nice and polite with us, but it is critical for her to behave the same with the public. Conversely, we seriously doubt that Maryam would cope well if stringent and boring regimes of learning and teaching were to be applied. Upbringing intersperses with good values, while these must be instilled at home, it is essentially critical for the same to be reinforced at kindergarten. Again, we have witnessed positive changes in Maryam.

Once, Maryam would be quite a drag when it comes to school. She would complain. School and her school friends were not good enough of incentives to entice her to be on her feet. She would fret at the fact that she has to attend school. For us, we could not see anything misfit or not to like about that school. The teachers were good and the programmes were equally fantastic. Nothing changed. The introvert in her still not budged. She was still a shy girl that would insist her grandma to tag along whenever she has to go back to her classroom to fetch something she left behind. She was still ecstatic (extremely) whenever she saw grandma waiting at the school gate and realized that it was time to go home. She would be in a bad mood and sad if she was the last to leave the school.

Now, she is perfectly happy to go to school, to be at school, to be among her friends and teachers, to learn and play although she is still quite a drag in the morning, but this time for a different reason. She does not dread school, it is just for a simple fact, she is still quite a drag because she is not a morning girl. She talks a lot now, but the absence of her favourite friend, Encik Sharvendra Nair(who is now in primary one), has taken quite a toll on her. They were like Batman and Catwoman, the two of them. She has moved on with that part of learning that in life, saying goodbye is inevitable. She even told us stories about her teachers (of course all the embarrassing stories). These are the changes in Maryam that I would love to share with all parents who opted to enrol their children to Unikidsity.

There are more to say but for me, not matter how, the importance of learning, especially in early education can't be effective without element of funs and fairs. The children must first be in love with school and that is exactly what my daughter is feeling now, love for her school, friends, teachers, books, and games and not to forget, the nearby playground.


Maryam's father,
Razlinar bin Abd Razak

There has been such an improvement on Naveen since we started and its been such a journey of discovery for him and us as parents. Teachers here are able to provide personalized education based on each kids competency, coupled with the different activities that take place to complement the academic teaching, its truly a wholesome centre.

Naveen's mother
Pn. Deiva Kaivaliam



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